About Us

Our company specializes in working with growing companies to implement Financial Intelligence. Led by Rick Arthur, we bring a holistic approach to your business, enabling financial goal clarity through improved cash flow, profitability and company value.

Rick’s team of experts helps your company thrive on all levels, looking at how you can strengthen your business through financial intelligence, the right people, and the best processes. With over 35 years’ experience in senior financial roles, and as the former owner of a $20 million company, Rick has wide experience in hands-on accounting and creating big picture solutions for strategic planning, financing, and growth.


Here’s What Companies are Saying About Working with Us:

Hiring Rick has been one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. He helped us get a firm grasp on our overall financial picture, refine our process, and develop a strategic hiring plan that has allowed us to grow our business with purpose and confidence. Not only is Rick a brilliant financial mind, but he is also incredibly kind and generous with his knowledge and his time. Every meeting with him feels like a lesson from your favorite teacher – you always leave having learned something new. One of our favorite things about Rick is the way he instantly joins your team and puts himself completely in your corner, always saying “we” instead of “you.” Furthermore, Rick has also graciously connected us with other like-minded professionals in his network, including CPAs, bookkeepers, and insurance agents, who all share the mentality that we are building relationships, not exacting transactions. Once you experience working with Rick, you’ll wonder how you ever got this far without him!  – Amanda Moriuchi, Chief Executive Officer AppIt Ventures | Custom Technology Solutions


Rick Arthur was recommended to our company as someone who could aid in the analysis of our financial recording so we could better understand our business. I was impressed with Rick’s excellent communication style in the evaluation of our company’s personnel and infrastructure. His understanding of how to tactfully identify the unique personalities of our employees was amazing. After digging into our records, Rick established a roadmap to implement a true plan to accomplish what we needed. He has been right on track and has guided our team with his unique ability to motivate our employees to accomplish the tasks needed to meet our goals. I would highly recommend Rick Arthur in the capacity of CFO. We have been completely satisfied in his friendship, his professionalism, his knowledge, and his ability to accomplish the task at hand.  – Keith Parker, President, Advanced Vision Technologies


Rick is an unusually talented and effective person. His business ownership perspective, financial acumen and demeanor have proven to be effective with my customers, in establishing trust and rapport, diagnosing and addressing the short-term items and providing strategic guidance in a friendly, yet direct manner. I will introduce him to clients, beyond the ones we share, without hesitation. – Bob Dodge, Senior Vice President, The Alternative Board – Denver West


Rick has worked with my company for many years. He has provided valuable guidance and insight through good times and bad. He takes time to really understand our market, the “company personality” and market fluctuations in our industry. Rick is a thoughtful, genuine advisor. I highly recommend him to anyone needing objective CFO advice. – Maxine McBride, President, Clockwork Marketing Services, Inc.


We hired Rick as our interim CFO to help us on both strategic and tactical levels. First, Rick helped us hire a bookkeeper to manage our day-to-day finances. This enabled us to take our focus off of the details and concentrate our efforts on the bigger picture. Rick then provided high level direction by creating and implementing simple processes whereby we could run our business more efficiently. Rick helped us facilitate the process in stages, and through this effort we have improved our cash flow and financial outlook. By providing clear goals and gently guiding the entire process, we are on track for positive growth because of Rick’s efforts. – Chris Blair, President, Blair Financial Planning


Rick Arthur has been monumental in a business that I am a board member of. Simply put, we would not be where we are financially if it were not for his ability to engage all team members on the financial plan and hold them accountable. One of his biggest assets is his ability to meet anyone where they are with their financial literacy. If you are someone that runs a billion dollar company, or just starting your business, Rick will be able to provide keen insight and detail that most people haven’t considered. He is both formally educated and tried and tested in the business world.  If he chooses to work with you, you should jump at the opportunity. Zach Balle, Co-founder and Board Member for Hug It Forward, Board Member for The Power of Purpose


Rick Arthur is a seasoned, competent, professional finance expert. His great human skills add value to any team, and throughout all levels of the organization. He is always on time and accurate in his reports. He brings good strategic thinking to any business, no matter the product or service being provided. He is thorough and peacefully balanced with his interactions. I have recommended him to other organizations and they are pleased. – Mike Assum, Board Member, The Power of Purpose


Rick’s knowledge and understanding of financial matters has increased my financial awareness considerably. He is a very easy person to work with and now that he has helped me read and understand a balance sheet, among other things, it gives me comfort to know what the health of my business actually is. He also helps me stay accountable for keeping my eyes on the things I need to be watching at all times. I highly recommend utilizing the financial experience that Rick has to offer. – John Argrow, Owner, John’s Auto Care