Financial Intelligence Framework

Companies on the path to growth require a complete picture when it comes to their financial health. Financial Intelligence Framework is a program developed specifically for companies that are looking for higher levels of cash and profitability as well as financial goal clarity – ideal for companies with revenues up to $25M.

Financial Intelligence Framework is a 6-month deep dive, helping companies achieve specific outcomes including:

  • Sound strategic financial goals
  • Accountability for meeting those goals
  • Insight into external factors that impact growth
  • A better handle on cash flow and forecasting

You’ll work alongside Rick Arthur in this fast-paced, results-oriented program. Rick, known as the CFO with a CEO perspective, brings a wealth of experience to help you and your team understand your financials and make decisions that will propel your business forward.

The program will enable you to develop and implement a sound financial structure including strategies, systems, and infrastructure that lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth. Roadmaps that chart your course and periodic progress reviews will keep you on track.

Through your work together, Rick will help you achieve:

  • Higher levels of cash and profitability
  • Financial goal clarity
  • Reliable data for better decision making
  • Improved operational efficiency

Contact us today for a complimentary discussion to learn more about the 6-month Financial Intelligence Framework program and positioning yourself for growth, whatever comes your way.

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If your annual revenue is under $1M we have a program for you, too.