My Favorite “F” Word

“Fail to plan…plan to fail.” 60% of most companies fail in the first 5 years even though they are generating profitable revenues. Watch my short video and learn how my favorite “F” word can help ward off failure.

Screenshot - My Favorite F Word - Video #5

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Rick Arthur is a CFO whose expertise is built on Financial Intelligence and 35 years in senior financial roles. Coupled with a CEO’s perspective and the experience of building his own $20 million company, he brings a unique depth of insight into business from the top down. Wired to get to know people, Rick works hand-in-hand with business owners of intentional, growth-oriented companies, solidifying relationships as a trusted advisor and confidant to his clients. He leverages his experience to help business owners gain traction and stay laser-focused on the company’s vision, cash flow, and profitability – all while creating big picture solutions for strategic planning, growth and sustainable success.