TAB Members Only: Financial Intelligence Cash Flow Consult

Business man with hundred dollar bills

The cash in your business is either flowing or it’s not.

If you need a better handle on your cash flow, you’ve come to the right place!






Compliments of Bob Dodge, a select number of TAB Members will receive a custom Financial Intelligence Cash Flow Consult™. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with Rick Arthur, CFO, to discuss your current sources and uses of cash, and your cash flow obstacles, and receive a custom Cash Flow Forecast Template.


2 hours of your time, under NDA, to review your sources and uses of cash.


You’ll receive a customized Cash Flow Forecast Template that will allow you to make better decisions for your company. It will provide you:

  • A clearer picture of your company’s cash flow
  • A clear picture of the sources and uses of cash in your company
  • Drivers of your cash flow forecast
  • Timelines related to your company’s specific cash flow patterns

There are only 3 slots available during the month of August to Bob Dodge’s TAB Members. Please fill out the application below and if selected, we’ll be in contact with you to set up your 2-hour meeting.