Written by Rick Arthur

Rick Arthur is a CFO whose expertise is built on Financial Intelligence and 35 years in senior financial roles. Coupled with a CEO’s perspective and the experience of building his own $20 million company, he brings a unique depth of insight into business from the top down. Wired to get to know people, Rick works hand-in-hand with business owners of intentional, growth-oriented companies, solidifying relationships as a trusted advisor and confidant to his clients. He leverages his experience to help business owners gain traction and stay laser-focused on the company’s vision, cash flow, and profitability – all while creating big picture solutions for strategic planning, growth and sustainable success.

Challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic have illustrated how unpredictable both life and business can be, and that change can happen quickly. You can’t foresee and plan for every event and change, especially those associated with external factors, but you can develop the tools to be resilient. It starts with knowing where you stand and where you want to go.